What does wellness coaching look like?

Relationship  •Career  •Family  ​•Connection to intuition 

Physical activity   Communication  •Nourishment

As a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition I was educated in over 100 different eating theories, because it is our philosophy that we are all Bio-Individuals. What works for one person, will not work for another.

It is also our philosophy that we as people are nourished from many different things, not just the food on our plates. We are fed by the relationships we have in our lives as well as how we feel about our value to society. We get nourishment from quiet time that allows us to hear our own guidance, and vitality from using our bodies the way they were created.

In a session we will talk about all of these things.  We will look for the areas in your life that need a boost of nutrition and create a customized plan that reflects YOUR goals. We will work to uncover your personal motivation so that you can not only set correct goals but have the willpower to attain them. All in a supportive and honest setting.







At the end of every 50 minute session, you will leave with your own journal containing notes and resources for your journey and a list of 2-3 personal recommendations to focus on for the next two weeks. Then when you return we will discuss the results, how they fit into your life and if they were successful we will continue to build from there. If they didn't fit, we will simply look at why, make adjustments and continue growing... There are no failures,only lessons and opportunities!