Health Coaching

This Program includes the following benefits:

6 months of twice monthly meetings focusing on:

•Limiting belief assessment

•Dietary recommendations with suggestions for support materials

•Personalized recommendations for creating deep connection to your intuition

•Objective support with Family and Career based relationships

•Grocery store tours: how to read labels, ingredients to avoid etc.

•Guaranteed access to any upcoming classes.

•Membership discounts on all classes offered.

There are  three options for payment-

The Program fees range from $720.00-$900.00

•The first option is paid monthly at a rate of $150.00 per month.


•The second option is a pre-authorized credit card on file. The charge for this option would be $140.00 per         month which would save you $60.00!


•The third and BEST INVESTMENT is the Paid in full option. When paid in full at the beginning, your price is only $780.00♥ That is a savings of $120.00!

That is essentially getting your last month of support for almost FREE!

Emotion Code Healing

The Emotion Code Services are a  great way to begin your healing journey and is a perfect jumping in point to my holistic health practice.

1st session $65.00   -90 minutes- 

sessions thereafter:          -90 minutes $75.00

                                        -60 minutes $60.00

                                        -30 minutes $45.00

Detox Foot Bath                -45 minutes $45.00

-included with emotion code work only $25.00

Detox Salt Foot Bath

This amazing process  utilizes  your lymphatic system in your feet as a means to eliminate unwanted Toxins, Metals, Medications, and other impurities that cause widespread inflammation throughout our bodies. This process allows these toxins to be removed without the involvement of our already over-burdened and fatigued liver and kidneys. The process is only 45 minutes and is relaxing too!!

This service is a great way to get started on your healing path and is offered at

only $45.00!