"A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems". If you find yourself like most people I know, You have had experiences that were traumatizing either physically, emotionally or both. Often when the human spirit is particularly overwhelmed, traumas can create an energetic interference so overwhelming that the conscious mind simply cannot "digest" it all. So much like unused food energy, it gets stored in the body. It becomes a "trapped emotion". The energy is pushed down until it can be safely processed. Unfortunately without a way to access that stored negative energy, it stays stuck wreaking havoc on our lives in unpredictable ways. If you have chronic inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, depression, allergies, or behaviors that undermines your success- chances are you have "trapped emotions" contributing to your pain and sabotaging your healing.


Emotion Code Energy Work

 Everything is energy.

 Change your energy and you   will change your life.

Your subconscious mind knows with absolute conviction that  protecting the heart is of highest priority. When you have suffered tragedy and excessive emotional turmoil your body will do everything in its power to protect you. The "heart wall" is an energetic protection device created by the subconscious mind when we have suffered more than the conscious mind will process. This wall of protection does two things quite well. It dulls the sensation of new emotional trauma; making going through the motions of life less excruciating. Unfortunately it also prohibits you from feeling the incredibly wonderful things that happen with as much intensity as well. As a result of the unprocessed negativity the mind falsely believes it needs this protection. Each release of these no longer relevant emotions brings us closer to freedom. Freedom from the past, freedom to have a bright and loving future.


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The "Heart Wall"

"The Heart is the core of our being. We instinctively know that protecting it is our highest priority"

Emotion Code Information Video

This video is a brief introduction to the creator and author of The Emotion Code and The Body Code Practice.

The Emotion Code procedure utilizes what is referred to as Muscle testing to ask the subconscious mind what trapped emotions your body is harboring, where they are being stored and then uses the power of magnets to remove these trapped energies. It is a quick and gentle process that moves us back onto the path our lives were destined to be on before these unwanted emotions  undermined our development, caused doubt, increased fear and made us believe we were unworthy or unable to heal.

For more information about Muscle testing, Emotion Code procedures and examples of clearings please refer to YouTube-Bradley Nelson-Emotion Code.