Health isn't a one time achievement. It isn't something you can check off on a list. It is the WAY you get through your list!
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Let me be your support system in identifying the areas in your life that need nurturing and awareness so that you can finally live the confident and fulfilling life you crave!

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"Working hard for something you don't care about is called stress; working hard for something you love is called PASSION"

Love. it's the ultimate goal. When it is turned inward, its called Self-Love. When you turn 'seeking health' into seeking 'Self-Love', it turns into something you can be passionate about. It no longer becomes a goal on a scale, or a calorie count, deprivation, disappointment, failure or a skinless boneless chicken breast. It becomes a powerful POSITIVE feeling inside. A calling to live the life you were created to live, with a knowing that you are worthy just by being alive! A knowing that nurturing and nutrition are powerfully similar words and you deserve both!


We all have that something, that thing that we know if we would just risk reaching for it, that missing thing would transform our lives into a big beautiful amazing gift that makes you really want to jump out of bed in the morning. Maybe there are several somethings that you want to reach for. I know for myself there has always been. Once I got the passion rolling I wanted more and more and more! Everything in our lives are connected. Your relationships, what you do with your day, how you move or don't move your body, and your connection to your own inner wisdom affects EVERYTHING.  I am able to offer support in many areas. Communication inside your relationships, Eating plans, physical activity ideas for every level of fitness, meditation tips, guidance in connecting to and more importantly TRUSTING your own intuition and most importantly proper goal setting to truly keep you motivated without being overwhelmed.

If any of this is clicking in your brain right now, even if it is just a tiny whisper of a "yes..... I want these things, I want a Collaborator in Crime!" ;) I offer myself and my tools to you. Sign up for a free really truly is free. Its one on one, where we can see if we connect. You will leave with personalized tips to start toward your own journey of Self-Love and Health.

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Your Greatest Self.


Let me use my education and the tools I've learned to help you not only uncover the hidden roadblocks to your success but also to create simple easy to follow steps to take  you exactly where you want to go!

GOAL SETTING: learn what it really means to make a meaningful and highly motivating goal.

ACCOUNTABILITY: regularly scheduled appointments maintain momentum and keep goals front and center for maximum benefit. Knowing when your appointments are helps to avoid common self-sabotage "over-scheduling".


PERSONAL SUPPORT: each of us are unique in our needs and our circumstances. My program focuses on YOUR needs, not stuffing you into a one size fits all box of non-sense.  

POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT: each appointment begins with what is new and good. What recommendations were successful and which ones need alterations. If during your two weeks between appointments you found yourself not resonating with the plan,

NO PROBLEM! it just means we edit it to make it more accessible for you. No guilt trips, no shaming, no fear of disappointing...Because I truly believe



Daunn Griffith -

Certified health and wellness coach


I came to Daunn hoping to get a meal plan and a few tips to help with my sugar cravings. I had no idea that I would leave with an understanding as to WHY I had sugar cravings and how to add some sweetness and fun into my life so I could stop eating  it.


S.R. age 62




It had never occurred to me that the inflammation in my body could come from other sources, not just my diet. After looking into my stressful work environment  that was always "Irritating me", We came up with some strategies to alleviate the friction. Since then I have been sleeping better and my inflammation has decreased by half!

B.B. age 47

I thought I had a great goal in mind by having a number on the scale I wanted to get to. Daunn helped me understand that the best kind of goal setting is attached to a vision of how you want your life to BE not just how you want to look.  Once I realized I wanted to lose the weight because I wanted the confidence to try for a big job promotion, it was so much easier to resist the extra treats because the "treats" were keeping me stuck in the job I hated that made me "pity eat" in the first place!  Its so much easier when you have a REAL goal.


C.K. age 41





Daunn is so vibrant and fun. She is incredibly knowledgeable not only about food but also many alternative energy healing modalities as well. She is very intuitive and honest in her interactions. She is much more than a coach, she is a friend. She really wants you to succeed and to be the best you that you can be.


S.L. age 33